The village of Vehvilä is a peaceful and beautiful village in the town of Suonenjoki, which is famous in Finland for growing strawberries. The closest public services (shops, health centre, post office, pharmacy etc.) are at a distance of 17 kilometres in Suonenjoki. The magnificent market place, tower of Puijo, Kallavesi cruises and horse cap rides are 50 kilometres away in Kuopio. There is also a domestic animal farmyard as near as 25 kilometres from the Rantala farm. Spa Vesileppis in Leppävirta is situated at a distance of only 30 kilometres.
Rantala farm has been in the family since 1868. A bank and the first school of the village operated for several years in the farm at the beginning of 19 th century. Nowadays the family enterprise is run by Mr. Jorma and Mrs. Sirkku Vehviläinen with their children Sanna and Janne.

In addition to tourism the farm is raising Highland Cattle. It is supported by organic farming since 1996 as well as tradition landscapes for the use of the cattle.
The cottages available: 
Kuhmanne bungalow (155 m², 4 bedrooms and possibilities for up to 6 extra beds, 80 m to beach), Tulikallio cottage  
(61 m², 25 m to beach) and a farmhouse (122 m², 70 m to beach) for hire in the Rantala farm.Facilities of the cottages are: drain, electric heating, electric light, jetty (in Kuhmanne-cottage), refridgerator, microwave oven, open fireplace, outdoor grill, one or two televisions, radio and CD-player. Also running hot and cold water and drinking water mostly from the well. One or two indoor toilets.
Shower and sauna available and in the farmhouse also a smoke sauna available. Rowboat available and some fishing equipment for rent. Pets are  allowed.

Recreational activities

In Rantala farm you can enjoy the Finnish countryside and its yield. You can fish, pick berries and mushrooms and exercise in the nature both walking and boating. Two kilometres away by a  beautiful Kutunjoki river you can find a boat for your use.

Along the river there are Natura-areas, e.g. a nesting site of an osprey, blueberry forests and cloudberry bogs.

The river falls from the Big and Small Kolunpohja lakes to Ryönä bay. There is also a hunting area of a small game in the farm. 

In Rantala farm you can find recreational activities for each one of the family. You can swim, play badminton and walk or cycle around the Jylänki lake, for instance. There is some nine kilometres around the Jylänki lake along the villageroute.

In wintertime you can enjoy skiing and hiking in the snowy landscape, or visit the Spa Vesileppis in Leppävirta or Rauhalahti in Kuopio. There are also possibilities for downhill skiing in the ski slopes of Kuopio and Rautalampi, and a few bigger ski slopes a little further, e.g Tahkovuori and Kasurila.

Contact us and enjoy the finnish summer by the lake or the pure white snow in the beautiful  wintertime!

Welcome to Finland!


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