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Rantalan Tila

We would like to welcome you to spend a relaxing holiday with your family and friends in
the most beautiful and peaceful Finnish country side here at Rantalantila in Suonenjoki,
Here you will be surrounded by the cleanest natural forests and fresh waters.
In the summer time, Suonenjoki is famous for its sweet strawberries and the annual
celebration for the harvest called ‘Mansikkakarnevaalit’ held in July each year.
Whereas, in the winter we get to enjoy one of the Finland’s best and scenery wise most
astounding cross country skiing routes.
Rantalantila is located close to a few major cities and towns that offer countless other




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Boat, lake Jylänki

Clean fresh waters

Did you know that 9.4% of Finland’s land is covered by lakes and rivers? In fact, they call Finland as the ‘country of thousands of lakes’. It’s no wonder that Finland is known world-wide for its clean fresh waters and natural forests. Our cottages are located by the clear fresh water lake Jylänki. There are also plenty of other beautiful fresh water lakes and rivers nearby for you to experience.

Mountain biking, hill of Lintharju

Natural district Lintharju

Lintharju is part of EU’s natural district. It is approximately 11 km long and it provides many outdoor activities both in summer and winter. Conservation area 220 hectares.

Cross-country skiing

Finland’s best ski routes

Lintharju district is a part of EU’s Natura conservation parks. It's skiing routes have been voted as one of the country’s best for performance and scenery.