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Rantala Farm

Discover and enjoy beautiful nature and countryside here at Rantala farm.

Each cottage is equipped with a rowing boat. We can also provide an additional rowing boat, motorboat or canoes for hire. The kids can enjoy swimming, badminton and bicycling.

You can go fishing in the surrounding lakes or rivers, pick wild berries and mushrooms and explore the natural surroundings on both land and water. Would you like to have a go at ice-fishing in winter?

Try hiking and canoeing in the Kutunjoki-river area, to explore the beautiful Natura-districts, which are part of the EU’s conservation areas and home to the rare fish-hawk.

The changing seasons make rewarding hiking trips, when you can find plenty of ingredients for cooking your own delicious blueberry or raspberry pies, cloudberry jam or lingonberry porridge (traditional and tasty Finnish desserts). Or why not try some delicious mushroom recipes? Don’t hesitate to ask Sirkku for some advice!

In winter, put on your skis and go explore the frozen lakes and snowy forests with your family!

We also have special Highland cattle (also known as ‘hippie cows’), a furry cat called ‘Tahvo’ and some outdoor chickens. If you visit us in the spring or summer, you might be lucky enough to meet some cute little calves. Last year, we were delighted that 10 new calves joined our lives at Rantalantila!

Suonenjoki town

There are plenty of activities to do in Suonenjoki.

In the summer time, Suonenjoki is famous for its sweet strawberries and the annual celebration of the strawberry harvest, called ‘Mansikkakarnevaalit’, which is held in July each year.

Have you tried ‘frisbee golfing’ or taking part in a strawberry-eating competition?

Lintharju forest conservation area provides one of Finland’s finest and most scenic hiking and cross-country skiing routes (voted no. 1). You can hire bicycles and tour guides at Savo Cycles & Outdoors.

Vanhamaki center offers horseback riding, a beautiful forest park, as well as organic souvenir shopping.

Activities nearby

Rantalantila is located close to a few cities and towns that offer countless other activities.

Orinoro Gorge, one of the seven ‘miracles of Savonia’, is located in the nearby town of Leppavirta.

Winter sports fanatics will love the indoor cross-country skiing tube in Leppavirta and Tahko, or Kasurila in Kuopio and Nilsia for snowboarding and skiing.

Kuopio city, the capital of Savonia region, has plenty more to offer. The area’s best-known events are Kuopio Wine Festival, Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio
Rock Festival, but you will find many others too. Puijo Tower is a must see attraction, for the bird’s-eye view over the scenic heart of Savonia.
Our favourite place to eat, the Puijo Tower Restaurant, will treat your culinary senses with a choice of delicious high-end dishes, all prepared from local produce. The dining experience includes tremendous views from the windows of the revolving restaurant, over the lakes and green forests of Savonia. Enjoy!

For more information about the above activities, please see the following links. We would love to share more tips and information about local destinations with you, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice!


There are a variety of restaurant services available in Suonenjoki. You can choose from local food, more exotic flavours, or anything else in-between. Information about local restaurants can be found in the links below.

There are also many cafes located in the centre of Suonenjoki. The majority of these can also be found in the links.

We encourage you to enjoy our local eateries!


Our cottages are located by Lake Jylänki, where it’s possible to catch pike, pike-perch, perch, whitefish, bream, ide and lake trout, amongst others.
During late winter, an ice-fishing competition is held at the lake.

Our cottages come with permits for fishing with nets and fish traps.

At the nearby Kutujoki River, you can also fish from the shore. A lure fishing expert is also available in the neighbourhood to assist with the best lures for the waters around the cottages.

For information about fishing permits and associated fees, please use the links below.

Rantalan Farm Activities